Here it begins!

Two days ago, 80 of us, from 12 different cities embarked on a month long challenge to step up to build more awareness and support for the cause of Intellectual Disabilities. We asked the participants to share what it was that they hoped to get out of this month engaging with this subject and here is a visualisation of what we had back..

In general, there was a desire to learn more about the subject – what do we mean by Intellectual Disabilties, what is included in scope, what are the causes and importantly who are the people behind the facts and the statistics… almost all the participants commented they want to understand the issue better in order to develop the empathy, play (better) allies, and figure out how they could be acting in 1:1 interactions and how they could contribute towards mainstreaming the discussion, bridging the gaps, providing more opportunities and really creating a more inclusive environment!

We are moved by the responses and over the next month will share content here that we think helps answer some of these questions!

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