Consulting Services

Have an idea for a new product, programme or organisation too - Sarvodya can help you bring it to life

Understand the landscape

Develop products and programs

Plan scale and growth

Build the optimal organisation

We advise organisations playing a variety of roles, whether it is direct delivery of services, capacity building, grant making to help them with the following :

  1. Landscape – understand the sector and its dynamics, players, need gaps and opportunities
  2. Develop products and programs
    • design and develop a service that is fit for purpose in the most efficient and effective way
    • develop a program of work serving the Persons with Intellectual Disability – through direct delivery or supporting the work of other organisations
  3. Growth planning
    • scale operations
    • accelerate growth, via organic as well as the structured partnerships route
  4. Build the optimal organisation able to deliver on its strategic objectives.

We are cognizant of the human centredness of the solutions our partners work to develop and deliver and this is factored into any advise we offer.

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