Inclusive Duniya


Inclusive Duniya, our flagship awareness initiative, is a dream of a world where persons of ALL abilities are able to thrive and flourish. Realising this vision will require informed, enabling and inclusive communities around every neurodiverse person in India. There are 35 million such individuals living with an intellectual disability, who are left out of the mainstream in India. 

We work towards this social change by building awareness, starting conversations that matter, and enabling and amplifying the work of neurodiversity allies.

How we are working towards creating a more Inclusive Duniya


We publish original content to inform, support, and bring together the #InclusiveDuniya community. ‘Naina’s Inclusive Duniya’, India’s first ever comic strip on neurodiversity, illustrates in an every day, often light-hearted way what living with any intellectual and developmental disability entails. With relatable stories about everyone from the neurodiverse to their caregivers, family, and friends, take a peek at how Naina and her motley crew live, love, and laugh here.


We start and encourage conversations amongst groups of individuals across different ages and contexts, online and offline, including schools, colleges, workplaces and communities to build awareness and seed an inclusivity mindset. Join our Facebook Group ‘Inclusive Duniya to follow the conversation and stay updated on all upcoming events.


We forge knowledge-sharing and capacity-building partnerships with (potential) allies to enable, empower and amplify their change-work. Our Inclusive Duniya Circles, led by trained volunteers are interactive group sessions that are engaging and provide the building blocks towards embracing diversity. We adapt and customise the design of these sessions to meet bespoke needs, for educational institutions, corporates and other groups.

How can you join us?

Join the conversation on Facebook. Follow the adventures of Naina and her motley crew on our bi-weekly instacomic.
Want to  do more? Get in touch to chat with our team on how you could contribute as an ally to the cause!

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