Our Values

Our Values

In It Together

We are together as a team
We are together as a collective / collaborative of partners
Most importantly, we are together as friends and allies with PwIDD


We are curious about our world and ways we can make it better – there are no silly

We are courageous in our pursuit of an informed, equal, inclusive India

Kind. Warm. Respectful.

In the way we work

In the way we interact with people around us


We value a sense of openness and integrity – towards our work, partners, and our end
goal of a more informed, equal, and inclusive India

Smart Casual

Usually used to describe a dress code, but in this case, our attitude too – relaxed, yet
polished. Easy, yet serious. Casual, yet on point. Forward, with broad appeal

Positively optimistic

We have a long road ahead to our dream vision, but we are optimistic we will get there,
together. We bring this outlook and positivity to work, every day, with every partner and
for every beneficiary

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