Daan Utsav (The Joy of Giving), 2021

Donate dil se (Donate from the heart).

Give your professional skills, time or money

to support inclusion of persons with intellectual and developmental disability.

Oct 2-Oct 8, 2021

Disability is not incapability.

Inclusion is not just a buzzword.

Charity is not a pity party. It is a matter of the heart.

As we move on with our lives with Covid in it, let’s also take along the many invisible communities whose lives have been hit harder by the pandemic than our own.

The 35 million*-large community of people in India with intellectual disability (formerly mental retardation) is one among them.

Two years on, even as we step out of our homes for education and employment, this community is forced to remain home-bound by the virus and our collective lack of understanding.

The Sarvodya Collective – meaning “progress for all” – is committed to the social, cultural and economic inclusion of this community through myth-busting and fact-first information on their unique skills and gifts.

Over the past year, we realised that inclusion requires awareness and kindness.

So, we made a case for the community’s inclusion through campaigns, shared the lived experiences of families to sensitise the public at large, and showcased examples of how we can step forward to be friends and allies.

We are developing custom resources to speak to our target groups, including corporates and young parents.

We invite you to stand alongside persons with intellectual disabilities and support cultivating an Inclusive Duniya for everyone.

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